Helping You Know What to Do With Data

We want to help non-analytic professionals know what to do with their data to benefit their organization or business. Moved by Metrics exists to make complex data not only simple, but also show how it can be immediately useful to you to gain insights on your customers or business trends. Moved by Metrics will demonstrate how public and private data which organizations are already collecting (or could collect) can be analyzed to gain customer and business insights for decision making. We will show and tell through tools such as graphs, charts, interactive displays to help non-analytic professionals better understand data.


We are curious. We want to understand relationships that link one decision or process to another or not. What are the patterns in the data telling us that removes the randomness of actions, thus creating a unique motive or purpose? We analyze, deduce and infer why this information leads us to a particular conclusion.


We love the challenge. Bring on the big data! We will tackle the numbers and tame them into understandable, manageable diagrams, charts or trends. Techniques are the tools that act as our compass to help map where you want to be.


We seek solutions. Not just answers, but actions. We apply analytics to understand your data and the metrics to move you to your next idea.

Sarianne and Georgette