U.S. Census Bureau (American Community Survey) Health Insurance Estimates

These are 27 points that tell a story-the changes in healthcare insurance coverage with the start of health care exchanges and expanded Medicaid in 2014. This is the estimate of U.S. health insurance coverage for 2013, 2014, and 2015. I say estimate because the statisticians at the Census Bureau carry out an annual survey called the American Community Survey that looks at economic and quality of life issues. Only the 10-year census itself is a true ‘census’, an effort to count every human in the United States as mandated in the constitution. But often well-designed surveys get better results than trying to count everybody. Click on the spreadsheet to get more details.

I used a version of plotly in R to make this graph. Plotly is a set of JavaScript tools to make interactive graphs in several computing environments such as Matlab, R, and Python. Hover the mouse in the graph area and toolbar appears. Then hover over and icon and pick an action-like zoom in and zoom out.   When you mess it up, to reset just click on the house .